The mission of Returnity Partners is to support our clients to identify, initiate and implement circular economy business models at scale.
We deliver lasting and distinctive value to our clients with targeted research, consulting and investment projects. We support you in identifying and analyzing the most attractive and most feasible circular options to deliver and capture attractive returns.


New questions require new answers.
New answers require analysis and factual support for sound decision making and accelerated insight generation.
We support our clients to scope, conduct and synthesize focused research initiatives to spot early opportunities and to generate solid basis for business and investment decisions.


Innovative circular business models frequently require rapid validation of the underlying business potential, pragmatic piloting and well- orchestrated implementation.
We support our clients with tailored consulting models and are set-up to deliver results-oriented, hands on support to project teams and to advise senior decision makers at top management level.


Accelerated growth and business model transformation require long-term partnerships in building up significant and influential companies.
We combine capital, business and technical development expertise to grow our partner’s businesses with the objective to create and share in the long-term value.



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